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Leave and Holidays

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Leave and Holidays

Monitors and signatories should be familiar with SEE Program leave and holiday policies in order to approve leave requests and confirm time reported in enrollee timesheets.

Enrollees have the following types of leave available to them (click on the leave type for more information): * Immediate family includes spouse, children, daughter/son-in-law, parent, sibling, sister/brother-in-law, grandparent, grandchildren, mother/father-in-law, any other relative residing in the enrollee's household and/or a person with whom an enrollee has shared a mutual residence during the past year and with whom the enrollee maintains a committed relationship.  

Enrollee must request Vacation leave approval in advance from a monitor or signatory.

The enrollee must notify a monitor or signatory within two hours of starting time when using Sick leave.

Monitors and signatories can view their enrollees' leave balances in the Enrollees section of this site.


It is NOWCC policy that SEE enrollees be paid for Holidays, even if they are not scheduled to work on that day.

Holiday leave is calculated by dividing an enrollee's authorized hours per pay period by 10 and rounding up to the next quarter hour. For example, someone working a 64-hour pay period would receive 6.5 hours of Holiday pay.


Enrollees also receive one Individual Holiday per calendar year. Individual Holiday leave is calculated in the same way as Holiday leave.

Click here to view the holiday calendar.

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