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The SEE Program observes 10 approved holidays per year. These holidays normally correspond to holidays observed by the federal government. Click here to view the holiday list [5.641 Holidays].

Every enrollee is paid for each holiday, provided that the enrollee:
  • Reported at least ¼ hour of work or paid leave on the timesheet that includes the holiday
  • Started working in the SEE Program prior to the holiday
  • Has not separated from the SEE Program before the holiday

Enrollees receive holiday pay even if they are not regularly scheduled to work on that day. If an enrollee must work on a holiday, the enrollee should report both holiday leave and regular work/travel hours on the timesheet for that day.

The amount of holiday leave available to enrollees is calculated by dividing their authorized hours by 10 and rounding up to the next quarter hour. I.e., an enrollee with 64 authorized hours per pay period could claim 6.5 hours of holiday leave.

Individual Holidays

In addition to the 10 holidays that are part of the SEE Program calendar, each enrollee may also claim one Individual Holiday per calendar year at the enrollee's discretion. The amount of individual holiday leave available is calculated in the same way as holiday leave.

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