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There are multiple types of leave available to enrollees in the SEE Program:

Vacation Leave - Enrollees accrue .0577 hours of vacation leave for each paid hour in the SEE Program, up to a maximum accrual of 160 hours at any given time. Enrollees must request vacation approval from their monitor or signatory prior to using their Vacation leave.

Sick Leave - Enrollees accrue .0462 hours of sick leave for each paid hour in the SEE Program, up to a maximum accrual of 160 hours at any given time. When using sick leave, enrollees must report their absence to a monitor or signatory within 2 hours of starting time. Additionally, the enrollee must submit a doctor's release to NOWCC if absent for 5 or more days.

Bereavement Leave - Enrollees may claim up to 3 consecutive working days of leave upon the loss of an immediate family member, any relative residing in the enrollee's household, or a person with whom an enrollee has shared a mutual residence during the past year and with whom the enrollee maintains a committed relationship.

Family Medical Leave - Enrollees may take leave to address their own medical needs or those of an immediate family member. To take such leave, an enrollee must submit a written request, including medical justification, to the NOWCC Field Office with a copy to the monitor.

Family medical leave is initially paid, drawing down the enrollee's earned vacation and sick leave balances. Once earned leave has been depleted, the remainder of family medical leave is unpaid.

While on family medical leave, the enrollee must still submit timesheets.

For more information on eligibility requirements, usage policies, or amount of leave available to the enrollee, please contact your NOWCC Field Office.

Jury Duty Leave - Enrollees are granted up to 10 days of leave per jury service. The enrollee must inform a monitor or signatory upon being called to jury duty. Written evidence of jury service must be sent to NOWCC payroll department before any payment will be released. Court remuneration for jury service may be kept by the enrollee.

Leave Without Pay - An enrollee may claim up to 30 days of unpaid leave in a calendar year. All leave without pay must be approved in advance by a monitor or signatory. When reporting Leave Without Pay on the e-timesheet, normally scheduled hours must be entered under the "HOURS" column. Enrollees should not enter zeros ("0") under the "HOURS" column.

Still have questions? Contact your NOWCC Field Office today!