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Affordable Care Act

Health Insurance

When an enrollee's authorized hours total sixty (60) or more each pay period, the enrollee is eligible for the NOWCC SEE Program Group Health Insurance Plan. The insurance premium is fully paid for and is at no cost to the enrolleehowever, the enrollee will be responsible for meeting the deductible and any copays. Each enrollee is given pro-rated contribution towards meeting the annual deductible.  


The NOWCC benefits administrator will provide detailed information about the plan's options. 


After enrolling, Aetna will send  an information packet containing an ID card. 


Health insurance plan year runs May 1 through April 30. 


Enrollees must contact NOWCC Benefits in order to enroll, drop or change coverage.  


Dependents may be covered under NOWCC health insurance at an additional cost to the enrollee.


Dental Insurance

Enrollees whose authorized hours are 35 or more per pay period are eligible to enroll in a vision and/or dental care plan (where available) through monthly payroll deductions. 

You may enroll in these plans within 30 days of your hire date, within 30 days of your hours increasing to 35 hours or more per pay period, or during the open enrollment period. Premiums are paid one month in advance and are deducted from the first paycheck of each month.

Dental insurance can only be cancelled without penalty during the open enrollment period, generally in August.

The NOWCC benefits administrator, will provide you with information about the Dental Care Plan.

Dental insurance plan year runs September 1 through August 31. 


Vision Insurance

Enrollees authorized to work a total of thirty-five (35) hours per pay period are eligible to participate in the Vision insurance even if not currently enrolled in the Health Care Plan. This benefit, available at a low cost through 


Vision insurance plan year runs September 1 through August 31



The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) provides you and your dependent(s) the right to continue group health, vision and/ or dental care benefits when you become ineligible (i.e., separation or hours reduced to less than 60 per pay period for health and less than 35 for dental or vision) for coverage under the NOWCC SEE Program's group health and dental and vision plans.

The NOWCC COBRA provider will send you a packet containing information on how to elect continuation of coverage and the costs involved. You should receive this within fourteen (14) days after your date of ineligibility. If you do not, notify your NOWCC Field Office.