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There are four position levels in the SEE Program. Each has a different wage range:

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Clerical/Non-Typing Clerical/Typing Technical (Non-Degree) Professional (Degree)
$7.27 - $9.70/hr $8.78 - $12.12/hr $10.30 - $13.92/hr $12.72 - $18.16/hr

Generally, enrollees begin at the minimum wage for their position level. However, current enrollees selected for a different SEE position or former enrollees who re-enter the SEE Program may begin at a higher wage. Your NOWCC Field Director will inform you when an applicant has prior SEE Program experience, and what the applicant's starting wage will be.

Enrollees receive a $0.50/hr increase at each annual renewal until they have reached the maximum wage for their level.

Still have questions? Contact your NOWCC Field Office today!