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Enrollees may be sent on travel for activities essential to their SEE Program duties. All travel must be approved in advance by a monitor or signatory.

While on travel, enrollees should:
  • Use the most economical means of transportation available
  • Never operate any federal vehicle or a vehicle leased by a federal employer
  • Use rental cars only in the context of a SEE Program assignment (not solely for personal travel)
Rental Cars

Enrollees may submit for reimbursement rental cars costs used only in the context of a SEE Program assignment. The use of rental cars on a business trip must be approved in advance by the enrollee's NOWCC Field Director and by a monitor or signatory.

Mileage and Per Diem Rates

The NOWCC SEE Program follows the Federal GSA and Department of Defense per diem (lodging and M&IE) rates. The current per diem and mileage rates are listed in the enrollee handbook.

Advances and Reimbursement

Enrollees may request a travel advance of up to 85% of the value of the anticipated expenses, to a maximum of $1,000. Advance requests must be approved by a monitor or signatory. Additionally, enrollees may purchase airplane tickets directly through the American Express Travel Center to avoid bearing the cost of airplane travel.

However, other costs are born by the enrollee until the enrollee submits the form and receipts necessary for reimbursement to NOWCC following the trip.

Approving Travel Hours
When reviewing a timesheet that includes business travel, please confirm that the enrollee has followed these rules:
  • Travel time during normal work hours (weekday and weekend) is counted as paid time
  • Travel time before or after normal work hours (weekday and weekend) is not counted as paid time
  • All hours spent working (weekday and weekend) are counted as paid time
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