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Expendable supplies can be purchased for an enrollee, if they are necessary to the fulfillment of the enrollee's position duties. Acceptable supply purchases include:

  • Business cards
  • Postage
  • Safety glasses

All supply purchases must be approved in advance by a monitor or signatory for the enrollee. Additionally, supplies over $50 in cost must receive advance approval from the NOWCC Field Director.

To be reimbursed, the enrollee must fill out a Local Travel & Expendable Supplies Expense Statement, submit the purchase receipt(s), the monitor approval, and, if the purchase cost more than $50, the NOWCC Field Director approval, to NOWCC.

Please note, if purchasing business cards for an enrollee, that:
  • The card must not contain the NOWCC or EPA logos
  • The card must contain the name of the enrollee
  • The card must contain the phrase ""Assisting the Environmental Protection Agency under a Cooperative Agreement with NOWCC" under the name of the enrollee
  • The card must contain the enrollee's office address, and the words "Senior Environmental Employment Program must appear as part of the address
  • The card must contain the enrollee's office phone, fax number, and email address
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