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Requesting a Position

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Requesting a Position

The standard steps for creating a new position or for backfilling a vacated position are outlined below. However, please be aware that some Cooperative Agreements may designate different people to complete these forms - contact your SEE Coordinator to confirm the specific procedures for your Cooperative Agreement.

  1. The requesting monitor (the civil servant requesting the position) should:
    1. Print and complete a Position Requisition (Word file)
    2. Print and complete a Position Description form (Word file)
    3. Generate and print out Cost Analysis Worksheet using the budget tool on this site
    4. Meet with an EPA Personnel Officer to complete a Certificate of Non-Displacement (Word file)
    5. Take these three documents to the SEE Coordinator for the Cooperative Agreement
  2. The SEE Coordinator should:
    1. Review and approve the Position Requisition form
    2. Review and approve the Position Description form
    3. Return these forms to the requesting monitor or submit directly to NOWCC
    4. Create or obtain a Commitment Notice to fund the position, if new or additional funds are required
  3. The requesting monitor should send the Position Requisition and Position Description forms to his or her NOWCC Field Director
  4. The NOWCC Field Director will then:
    1. Review the Position Requisition form to confirm that funding is available
    2. Review the Position Description form to confirm that the position meets SEE Program guidelines
    3. Begin recruiting
    4. Review all resumes
    5. Refer qualified applicants to the requesting monitor
    6. Set up applicant interviews with the requesting monitor (SEE Program rules specify that at least 3 applicants must be interviewed for each position)
  5. Once the monitor has chosen an applicant, the NOWCC Field Director will check references and complete the enrollment process with the applicant. The NOWCC Field Director will make the official job offer.
Still have questions? Contact your NOWCC Field Office today!

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