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Enrollee Restrictions

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Enrollee Restrictions

According to the SEE Program Guidance and Procedures Manual [5.631 Chapter 1 Section 1], "The program is not intended to, and does not compete with the Civil Service hiring or compensation systems. Enrollees are used to support, not supplant, Federal employees." Therefore, to enforce a strict separation between the roles of enrollees and civil servants, SEE Program regulations restrict permissible enrollee activities.

Before a new SEE position can even be recruited, the EPA requires the requester to confirm that the new enrollee will not:
  • Negatively impact the employment of a current government employee
  • Replace a laid off government employee
  • Affect existing service contracts

Click to view the complete Certificate of Non-Displacement (PDF file).

Once recruited, enrollees may not perform inherently governmental functions falling into these categories:
  • The discretionary exercise of government authority committing the government to a course of action
  • Monetary transactions and entitlements

The SEE Program has a list of specific activities that enrollees cannot perform. Click here to view the complete Enrollee Cannot Do List.

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